Auric Goldfinger: Ah, welcome to AuricStud, (gesturing toward a horse). Some even stated the mattresses were filled with horse hair they were so old. Terence Young did brilliantly with the first two installments, Dr. No in 1962 and From Russia With Love the following year. And then there is the Rhône glacier right next to it. Posted by 28 days ago. Who doesn’t love to drive swiss mountain passes. Something else was also forever made famous by this scene–something that strangely appeared in the middle of nowhere, in the snowy mountains of Switzerland at an altitude of almost 8,000 feet: the Belvédère Hotel. Rome2rio makes travelling from Interlaken to Furka Pass easy. And when cars were still a dream to-be-made reality, and Aston Martins, Rolls Royces, and Mustangs, not even a wildest imagination of those who dreamed of wheels. Windy roads, beautiful mountains, old abandoned hotels and a glacier where one of europe’s biggest river has it’s origin are making this pass a special one. Hotel Belvédère, a hotel in the Furka Pass of the Swiss Alps, was once the perfect spot for travelers looking to explore the Rhône Glacier. MissMoody > Houses buildings architecture > Belvédère Hotel, Furka Pass, Switzerland. Author Mark van Seeters, CC BY 2.0. Image 2 by John Weiss/Flickr. Furka Pass. 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Abandoned Hotel Belvedere at Furka Pass, Switzerland. It was outdated in case of an emergency having no ‘good’ exit routes in case of an accident. Thankfully unscratched and unharmed, Blackman sat down with the rest of the cast in the VIP section of the theater, and as the lights went dim, Maurice Binder’s iconic Bond gun barrel opening sequence marked the beginning of a new, and this time much-anticipated, Bond adventure. It is said that Sean Connery, who adored the place and was a regular customer, insisted on the location. The 3-star hotel Belvedere in Wengen (1275m above sea level) invites you for active holidays in the impressive mountain world of the Bernese Oberland. The hotel itself was slowly decaying and not renovated for some time leading to its downfall. Truthfully, no one really knows for sure how and why it was built. Where is the Hotel Belvedere located? Belvédère hotel, Furka, Furka pass area, Oberwald, Obergoms, Goms, Valais, Switzerland : Finds during road construction work near the hotel in the 1970s. Not only that but from the 1890s onward, an ice chamber inside the glacier has been carved out, re-drilled and maintained as a walkable tunnel. Furkapass is one of them. 2 2. At 2,429 metres, Furkapass is the fourth highest paved mountain pass in Switzerland. He throws that self-assuring glimpse at his Rolex Submariner 6538 wristwatch, pulls out a cigarette, lights it up, and the whole place underground goes Boom! 12.7k. This is the second time we have stayed at Hotel Weisshorn. James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5 – the gadget-laden transport of the world’s most famous secret agent. Only 200 steps away, it offers a spectacular close-up view of an icy scenery like no other place on Earth. Goldfinger was spectacular at the box office both in the U.K. and the U.S., and grew to be many people’s favorite Bond over the years. The nostalgia behind this hotel leave many wondering what fate lies in its future. You can find it with these coordinates. Furka Pass – Photo by: Hans und Christa Ede/Fotolia. A hotel built where? 1934 In summer, a ride with the nostalgic Furka steam engine from Realp to Gletsch is an unforgettable experience. Furka Pass, with an elevation of 2,429 metres, is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps connecting Gletsch, Valais with Realp, Uri. Then again, all things must come to an end and nothing good lasts forever. The Furka Pass links Andermatt in the Canton of Uri with Gletsch in the Canton of Valais. Image 1 by ilirjan rrumbullaku/flickr. He is accompanied by his assistant, Oddjob (Harold Sakata), and the pair are followed by Bond through what was supposed to be an off-road mountain pass near Geneva. The stairs seemed to have gaps. Entrance and footbridge of the ice cave (Eisgrotte am Rhonegletscher) on Furka Pass, Alps, Valais, Switzerland, So what happened? Connery himself, unfortunately, could not attend the premiere and watch himself rising out of water with a duck on top of his head as a disguise, plants C4 explosives inside a drug lord’s secret lab, only to step gallantly into a Latin club above right after, well dressed in that off-white, ivory dinner jacket adorned with a slick bow-tie and a red carnation on the left lapel as the icing on the cake called the elegance of Bond. Jack Berryman and his assistants fly a box kite 9 feet high, which lifts a little girl off the ground. 1.1m members in the AbandonedPorn community. Find all the transport options for your trip from Interlaken to Furka Pass right here. James Bond: Certainly better bred than the owner. Finally, this hotel closed its doors in 2015. Image 4 by Carsten Frenzl/Flickr. Furthermore, the road is inaccessible during harsh winter days so the hotel is closed for almost five to six months each year. Operation Grand Slam is underway and Bond is sent to investigate. Showers and toilets were shared in the facility. Finally, this hotel closed its doors in 2015. He appeared again as Bond in “Diamonds Are Forever” (1971) and “Never Say Never Again” (1983). Some say the road to the hotel is the scariest they’ve ever driven with steep cliff drop-offs on every corner. Since the opening of the modern-day Furka pass road 150 years ago, thousands of tourists have come to see the unique mountain panorama around the Rhone Glacier. Today they park at the Hotel Belvédère and walk about 200 metres to the entrance of the ice grotto, which is re-drilled each year. And there it was. Now the time has come for Goldfinger, the third James Bond film, and on Thursday, September 17, it was unveiled to the eager public at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, where stars attended the world premiere, and “5,000 fans fought the police outside, the massive glass door of the theater was shattered and police reinforcements had to be sent for,” in order to stop the crowd from entering the premises. Enjoy your vacation in the Jungfrau region at the foot of the world-famous Eiger. High quality images of abandoned things and places. The Furka Oberalp Bahn line through the Furka Tunnel bypasses the pass. Just like that, everyone witnessed that “everything he touches turns to excitement” indeed, as the tagline had advertised for months. Belvedere Hotel can be seen in the top left part of the image. This is the pass that featured in Goldfinger. Furka Pass, with an elevation of 2,429 metres, is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps known for its winding hair pin bends and scenic views. What was a blue magical under-glacier tunnel, according to some is today just plain ordinary and wet. It is rather uncanny, isn’t it? No” (1962), “From Russia with Love” (1963), “Goldfinger” (1964), “Thunderball” (1965), and “You Only Live Twice” (1967). It connects Gletsch, Valais with Realp, Uri. The pre-title teaser sequence. This image was taken in 2016. Belvedere Hotel can be seen in the top left part of the image. The hotel industry is tough to begin with. Up in the sky in the back of beyond. The Hotel Belvedere was built in 1882, in the centre of a hairpin bend on the beautiful Furka Pass that was created in 1867. 396 votes, 27 comments. The hotel was built back in 1892 and now stays closed, but still, I would say that it is one of the most beautiful locations for a hotel in whole Swiss Alps. The Belvédère Hotel is raised on a rock, practically over the glacier, so the view is available right from the hotel’s balconies while guests are slurping their morning coffees. The legendary mountain pass that is one of the world’s most iconic, exhilarating, and thrilling drives through the Swiss Alps was introduced in the movie when Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce entered the scene, and was immortalized with the chase scene that followed, with Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 racing Tilly Masterson’s (Tania Mallet) Ford Mustang convertible. More and more people came to see it, but less and less wished to stay in it. Although the glacier itself is of whitish, grayish color, the tunnel magically glows with an aqua tint. We scored it 10 last time and, once again, it was hard to fault. When all you can ever hear is the water of the glacier and the howling of the winds. Photo Credit Dutch National Archives,CC BY-SA 3.0 nl. Realp is the roll-on, roll-off station for car transit by train through the Furka mountain. Abandoned Hotel Belvédère in Furka pass, Switzerland. N46°34’32.3” E008°23’25.5” Hotel Belvedere on the Furka pass. It is here that the famous drive scene takes place, one where James Bond is being shot at from above. Located in the village of Ritzingen on the Furka Pass Road, Hotel Weisshorn features an infrared sauna and a traditional Swiss restaurant with a sun terrace. I think that Hotel Belvedere is the most iconic place on Furka Pass. People used to pay a lot to enjoy its beauty while the sun is up, and enjoy the silence during the nights. A small fun fact: On a part of the route the chase for the James Bond Film Goldfinger was filmed. It looks amazing as it is the most famous Furka Pass hotel. Except for diamonds perhaps. There is hope that maybe it will become potentially a museum or some other treasure. The most famous point of the pass is certainly the Hotel Belvédère and the Rhone Glacier. Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald Your superior 4 * hotel with a direct view of the Eiger. Behind us the road leads up the pass summit and into the canton of URI, Andermatt and Realp. To add to this, due to increased temperatures during the summers, it lost a lot of its thickness, so the ice cave that used to be at the bottom of the glacier, many meters under the ice, nowadays is “just an outcrop above, preserved by covering the ice in canvas sheets.”. Diamonds are forever. He’s a powerful billionaire and a bullion dealer who is suspected of gold smuggling and assumed to be plotting “the crime of the century.” A sinister plan to obliterate the world economy. He must find a way to stop Goldfinger. The rooms inside are just as they were in the 1880s, but are no longer vintage delights, but old and poorly maintained. This one, with the gradual loss of customers, and the much-needed income to maintain the place at the very least, how it kept going for so long is truly fascinating. Went to Switzerland a few years ago and rode this pass (me Ducati 1299s, him MV Agusta F4). A mass craze has built up about director Guy Hamilton’s take on Ian Fleming’s James Bond spy series, and everyone was eager to see how it would turn out. It has stood a test of time having been here for over 135 years. Since the main attraction is slowly disappearing, naturally, so is the business that kept its doors open. Close. Belvédère Hotel: The abandoned jewel of the Swiss Alps that played a part in “Goldfinger,” and was a favorite stop for Sean Connery. Voir l’article pour en savoir plus. This once thriving hotel where even Pope John XXIII was said to be a frequent visitor is now closed until further notice. With us you will find everything your heart desires: spectacular views from all rooms, fine dining and a small but attractive spa area with salt-water Jacuzzi in the garden. Route De La Furka. A part of it was filmed on Furka Pass, in Switzerland, between Realp in Canton Uri and Oberwald in Canton Valais. Right along the very trafficked pass to a world wide landmark. Furka Pass (French: Le Col de la Furka), with an elevation of 2,429 metres (7,969 ft), is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps connecting Gletsch, Valais with Realp, Uri. It is part of the popular Three-Pass-Ride over the Furka, Grimsel and Susten Pass. An Aston Martin DB5 and a Ford Mustang climbed this scenic driving road, located in the Uri/Valais region of Switzerland. Furka Pass is situated 2 km east of Belvedere Furka… Nothing special really. In 2000, a new tunnel was built, bypassing the route to the Belvédère, which only made things harder for business. Licensed under CC. The glacier is visible at the beginning of the scene right when Goldfinger passes the Belvédère hotel in his Rolls Royce on his way up the mountain. Re-opening may be possible but it seems as that the decline in tourist to the shrinking Rhone Glacier has put a strain on the very old hotel. Hotel Belvédère, a hotel in the Furka Pass of the Swiss Alps, was once the perfect spot for travelers looking to explore the Rhône Glacier. With a length of 42km it connects the cantons Uri and Wallis. The hotel has been refurbished smoothly to provide today’s comforts without losing the atmosphere of the olden days of the „Grand Hotel Belvedere“. Furka Pass, Switzerland. The Belvedere Hotel was built in 1882 and was a popular attraction for the adventure-minded for many decades. And when cars were still a dream to-be-made reality, and Aston Martins, Rolls Royces, and Mustangs, not even a wildest imagination of those who dreamed of wheels. It’s 1964. However, the glacier, unfortunately, is not so near to the hotel anymore, and as of 2016 it is closed indefinitely, according to the official website. The building has shifted on its foundation due to the receding glacier. The Furka Pass Credit: Getty ... Back in 1964, the Hotel Belvedere was very much alive and functioning – a swarthy pit-stop on the western half … A monument of times passed. In 1907, the hotel had 90 beds. Play As. Mall Of America Royal Caribbean Cruise Zwitserse Alpen Strand Reizen Engeland Uk Belvédère Hotel: The abandoned jewel of the Swiss Alps that played a part in "Goldfinger," and was a favorite stop for Sean Connery Unable to compete and sustain itself, it closed its doors. Up in the sky in the back of beyond. The scene was actually shot not too far from Geneva, approximately a 125 mile drive from the city, in the heart of the Furka Pass (Furkastrasse). The hotel Belvedere was built in 1912 as an art nouveau hotel and is the perfect place for your active holidays into the impressive mountain world of the Bernese Oberland. The historical road over Furka Pass was built in 1867. Beautiful animal, isn’t she? Which means that the icy scenery beneath the hotel terrace is all gone now. ... Before long, hotels started to spring up along its route. What’s well established is that it was built right after the mountain pass was completed, probably as a lounge for people who wished to escape and enjoy the silence, or attend one of the many lavish parties held inside. Licensed under CC. At the time of its completion in 1867 it was the longest pass road in Switzerland. A monument of times passed. Shortly after, Shirley Bassey, with her magnificent voice, announced the title and with that, MI6’s new mission kicks off, one that takes the debonair secret agent to Fort Knox on the trail of Auric Goldfinger (Gert Fröbe). Furka Pass is the legendary Swiss mountain pass that gained fame after it was featured in a car chase scene in the James Bond movie “Goldfinger” from 1964. A hotel built where? 46.576611, 8.388424. The historical road over Furka Pass was built in 1867. As the story unveils, Auric Goldfinger, the prime suspect, travels to Switzerland in his yellow-black Rolls Royce. Image 4 by Carsten Frenzl/Flickr. Sean Connery starred as 007 in the first five Bond films: “Dr. Abandoned Hotel Belvedere at Furka Pass, Switzerland. Hotel Belvedere on the Furka Pass, Switzerland. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Belvedere Hotel can be seen in the top left part of the image. Idly standing at the curve along Furkastrasse, below the historic Rhone Glacier in Obergoms (Oberwald), the canton of Valais, Switzerland. Join 1000s of subscribers and receive the best Vintage News in your mailbox for FREE, Police arrest a 72-year-old “suburban grandfather” suspected of being the Golden State Killer, “I’m not dead yet”: some Buddhist monks followed self-mummification, Project Azorian: Howard Hughes’ secret mission, 1960s U.S. satellite that started transmitting again in 2013, The “Walk of Shame” in Game of Thrones historical inspiration, The only unsolved skyjacking case in U.S. history might have a break, Kurt Gödel became too paranoid to eat and died of starvation, “Little Ease”: One of the most feared torture devices in the Tower of London, The humble English girl who became Cora Pearl, Walt Disney softened the original Snow White story. It was the film’s final scene to be shot, which ended on July 11, 1964, and it is indeed a fine place where a group can enjoy an overdue break from a job well done. Be prepared to capture the sites like the Rhone glacier, the Schöllenen Gorge, numerous valleys and small Swiss villages. So this might answer the question as to why it was built. The hotel is situated close to 8.000 metres above sea level. Both sides are wide, well engineered roads, but in the remote high Alps with very little development beyond the occasional old hotel or farm-house. According to a report by Kinematograph Weekly that surfaced about a week later, Sean Connery’s co-star Honor Blackman was nearly tackled to the ground from fans who tried to reach her when she arrived for the premiere–in a gold dress, naturally. Furka Pass, Switzerland - Hotel Belvédère, located in the Furka Pass of the Swiss Alps, was once a thriving hotel. James Bond is back! I’d love to stay there as part of a cycling tour! A similarly famous road, the Furka Pass attracts visitors annually to drive the … Read another story from us: The most haunted hotels in America – don’t forget to order the Spooketi for dinner. “Goldfinger,” just as any other James Bond movie, was mostly shot in real locations. The historical road over Furka Pass was built in 1867. Re-opening may be possible but it seems as that the decline in tourist to the shrinking Rhone Glacier has put a strain on the very old hotel. A lot of fun was had. Hulton-Deutsch Collection / Corbis. Truthfully, no one really knows for sure how and why it was built. Licensed under CC. THE BOND MOVIE. GPS coordinates are for the hotel. The world learned how to wear a white suit like a Bond, and, as for the man himself, well he went to attend some unfinished business laying in a bathtub. Hotel Pension Belvedere / Hotel Glacier Du Rhone Gletsch. Footbridge inside the ice cave (Eisgrotte am Rhonegletscher) on Furka Pass, Alps, Valais, Switzerland. Hotel Belvedere. The jewel in the mountains that opened its doors for visitors in 1882, more than 80 years before Goldfinger, Bond, and Tania Mallet passed it in 1964. Hotels near Furka Pass, Canton of Valais on Tripadvisor: Find 4,721 traveler reviews, 776 candid photos, and prices for 1,219 hotels near Furka Pass in Canton of Valais, Switzerland. Today the hotel stands right where it stood 140 years ago when it was built, but completely empty, looking like a sad monument to those long lost glorious past times. James Bond pursues Goldfinger through the Furka Pass in Switzerland Very sad that this amazing place should be abandoned. In a nutshell, it’s one of the biggest climbs in the heart of the Swiss Alps nestled alongside the Nufenen, Gotthard, Susten and Grimsel passes. The small and tidy spot to rest one’s head was the perfect place for travelers to view the Rhône Glacier, which stood some 600 feet away from the hotel. Hotel Furkablick If you […] As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Belvedere Locarno Comfortable, chic & friendly Located on the hill which overlooks the city of Locarno, the Hotel Belvedere - the only 4-star-superior hotel in Locarno - offers a breathtaking view on the mountains and Lake Maggiore, making it the ideal place for a wonderful stay in Ticino all year round. Or maybe it was meant to be a resting place for the mountain workers, but, in no time, the charming location and what it offers in terms of isolation and excellence inspired the elite to climb the scenic road. On the Valais side of the Furka Pass, you should definitely take the opportunity to stop and enjoy the view of the fantastic Alpine panorama. Luxury Bathroom Glamorous Bathroom Shabby Chic Bathroom Spa Inspired Bathroom Traditional Bathroom Bathroom Design Clawfoot Tub Shower Home Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain. We are in the parking lot outside the entrance to the glacier and look towards the South. Well, the 11,000-year-old glacier has retreated over the last 100 years or so to become a full mile shorter. Operation Grand Slam is underway and Bond is sent to investigate. Driving down the pass you will spot some of the points that Goldfinger's Rolls Royce and James Bond in his Aston Martin DB5 drive by during the movie scene on the Furka.. Coming in via the Grimsel Pass watch out for a boulder with the inscription "Kil 47"on the right-hand side of the Furka Pass. The base tunnel opened in 1982 and replaced a tunnel at 2100 m.

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