Japan within your reach !

You want a stay in Japan adapted to your own pace, wishes and budget ?

To meet your needs, Marco & Polo offers an essential to make your trip a success:

  The Japan Rail Pass, the key to travel easily in Japan

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Japan Rail PASS Japan Rail PASS
Unlimited train journeys : all you can rail !

How to quickly and easily travel across Japan ?
By train !

Train is considered the best way to discover Japan. Travel the country without moderation with your JR Pass, a 7, 14 or 21 days train package.

Enjoy Japan thanks to this value for money and simple Pass.

FAQ - Information on Japan
How do you deliver the Japan Rail Pass in Hong Kong ?
In Hong Kong we deliver the Japan Rail Pass within a day time with Fedex. [...]
Can you use the JR Pass in the subway ?
The train and the subway are part of two different independent networks. But in Tokyo and Osaka [...]
Are there left-luggage offices in the train stations?
Yes, the train stations have luggage lockers. You can leave your luggage up to 3 days. [...]
Where can I get the trains schedules?
You can find electronic timetables online on www.hyperdia.com (there is an available English [...]