We will Road.is displays the best information about F-road conditions and accessibility, so make sure to look through their site before venturing into the highlands. Keep in mind that there are also no gas stations along this route. Drive this road at your own risk! Terms Contact us. Toyota Rav 4 || Some policy term restrictions are very common or industry standard, so it's important to keep them in mind. Video: Cedric Weber. ", 4x4 Make sure to check out the ruins of Eyvindarkofi as well, made by the infamous Fjalla Eyvindur outlaw in the 18th century. Many of these roads barely qualify as roads. Driving this road will make you feel like you're on the moon. Check out our range of unique 4WD campers, perfect for couples, families and mates! Our reliable Beyond the Aldeyjarfoss waterfall, Sprengisandsleid features some of the most barren and desolate landscapes in Iceland. F338 - Includes a couple of river-crossings. drive, this road will turn into F821. Private car park for campers . Of course I'm biased, but I'd like to think that you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by renting a Happy 4x4 for your trip. So it shouldn't be that surprising that 4x4 campers have also become increasingly popular over the past few years. at the Airport or their Hotel. From Akureyri, the capital of the north, you can drive directly south via road 821. We at Happy Campers offer this insurance through our insurance partner, VÍS, and provide a link to the detailed policy terms in our Terms & Condition page. Rent a Motor Home, a 4x4 Camper or a small camper to travel around or across Iceland. Bed for 3/4 people. Coming from the south, as many do after exploring the Myvatn area, turn north from the ring road (1). Picnic area. One, you can drive this road while avoiding the most dangerous parts of it. Our service More detailed information about this road in the perfectly titled article: "Road F578: a slippery as hell mudhole". Search at this location. Toyota Hilux Dual Cab || There are also several roads that can be particularly difficult and are often off-limits, even when driving a 4x4 in the summertime. F985 - This video takes you through the entire route. Use this road at your own risk. This road runs through Austurárdalur and runs parallel to the aforementioned F839. It’s important to go slow in most scenarios and scan the road for unexpected obstacles or changes in the terrain. kenya with us. Road 622 - Dangerous even in ideal circumstances. In general, it's impossible to predict the conditions, depth, and velocity of rivers, as it depends on the unpredictable weather. car hire in kenya rates structure are very competitive,with a fleet of Be careful and don't exceed your comfort level. F228 - Driving on the moon. Rough roads, stream and river crossing, and more severe weather can sometimes result in some car damage, no matter how careful you are. clean new rental cars they varry from run-around to luxury .Nothing beats You also want to know the condition of the roads you're about to explore and www.road.is, published by the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, is the go-to website for that information. Tire Insurance: The second most common type of damage, after gravel damage, in the highlands. collection service anywhere within Nairobi and personally meeting customers Photo: dangerousroads.org. Limited truck model options. Check out this post for full details on how to prioritize these features based on the purpose of your trip. A 41 km road from road 26 to the gorgeous Landmannalaugar, one of Iceland's natural jewels. clean new rental cars they varry from run-around to luxury .Nothing beats The road offers amazing views of the rugged highland landscape, volcanoes, and lava fields. Toyota Landcruiser Prado || official camping gear at www.omearacamping.com O'Meara Camping (Ireland) Limited, Registered in Ireland No. If you are driving a vehicle without this insurance, your camper van rental is breaking the law. If so, you’re in the right place so let’s get this party started. These roads are known to cause travelers significant issues and we strongly advise against using these roads in most cases. Nous avons adopté une nouvelle identité et un nouveau site, plus modernes et plus dynamiques afin de vous offrir un … In Business since 1991, we have expanded our fleet into the most versatile and modern in Africa. Yes, this road was on our dangerous roads list. This road can be very dangerous and is only suitable for 4x4s with very high ground clearance and experienced drivers. Discover Fraser Island and the Cooloola Coast! With over 10 years of experience in the Iceland campervan rental, 4x4 Campervan Iceland is a leading brand in Iceland. trucks and tough safari landcruisers in Kenya & reliable rental You will find that many car and campervan rentals go so far as to ban 30-50% of all mountain roads, even when driving a 4x4. Photo: dangerousroads.org. However, we advice against this and suggest that you should always let the nature get the benefit of the doubt. But do you know how to get there? But just like F910, this road is in horrible shape and we do not recommend using it. with camping equipment for your african safari travel, Kilimanjaro visiting our unique National Parks or simply exploring Nairobi city driving Some really good information about specific mountain roads in Iceland in English, especially the more dangerous roads. Quality isn’t just a word. 4x4 Rental South Africa - Bushlore Africa offers 4x4 (4wd) vehicles, campers & car hire for self drive safaris in Southern Africa. For most of the year, the Icelandic highlands are covered in snow and the roads are closed to the public. There is also currently a petition aiming to turn the entire area into one giant National Park. Please don’t stop off anywhere you like for the night. But F903 rund from F910 to F902 and draws its name from the Hvannalindir nature center. We realize the importance of providing our travelers with accurate and useful information to ensure a "Happy" trip.This post represents the information and guidance we give our 4x4 camper travelers and what we believe everybody should know before heading into the highlands. This 35 km long route crosses the bottom of the Westfjord's "neck", running from the main Vestfjarðarvegur (60) in the west over to the the main ring road (1) in the east. The Icelandic highlands forms the largest territory in Europe which has never been inhabited or cultivated. Stopping completely or hitting the gas too hard is the most common reason people get stuck in difficult situations. Exploring Iceland in a campervan has become increasingly popular since the first campervan rental, Happy Campers (hey, that's us! $1,299.00. The route begins just north of Akureyri and takes you on the 34 km journey through the valley towards Flateyjardalur and the abandoned Brettingsstaðir farm. More generally, however, the we consider the center of the island to be the highlands. Hopefully we've convinced you to rent a 4x4 campervan by now. Two, a small part of this road leads to the beautiful Aldeyjarfoss waterfall, which is one of Iceland's most unique attractions. Vous devez venir au bon endroit pour louer un camper en Islande au prix le plus bas. More mind space - not having to worry about the things above frees up brain cells for what's actually important; enjoying the view and staying safe. It's important to know that some F-roads are not marked with the letter F, even though they are mountain roads. F210 - We don't recommend taking your chances on this road. You will see lots of interesting things along this short route, such as the beautiful mountains Rauðufossafjöll and Loðmundur, the Rauðufossar ("Red falls") waterfall, and Landmannahellir cave. ), opened its doors in 2009. From there, you can book various adventure tours, such as glacier tours with Glacier Jeeps. Take a look at their website or read the small print in their terms & conditions before you book the van that you expect to be able to explore the highlands in. Be prepared to cross a few shallow creeks and streams. The two rivers are glacier rivers and can be extremely dangerous. It's also a logical route after visiting the popular Gullfoss and Geysir attractions, as a part of the Golden Circle. Throwing off the constraints of traditional car rental in Namibia, Safari Car Rental offers you the latest new, models 2018-2020, premium 4×4 vehicles for your adventurous African self-drive safari together with an innovative new pricing system that passes available discounts directly on to you at the very moment you book, not after you have finished your … Rent a car in kenya with us and ascend 4x4 Tanzania Ltd 4x4 Car Rental With a Driver, Camping, Rooftop Tents in Tanzania. Technically, you are allowed to drive on snow in conditions such that the tires never touch the ground and therefore don't damage it. It leads to Hvalvatnsfjörður and is only about 27 km long. Africamper offer competent 4×4 Camper rentals in Southern Africa. F233 - A beautiful drive until you reach the river, when it gets dangerous. A part of that education is to talk about some of the most dangerous mountain roads in Iceland. Photo: Benny. "F-roads" is what we call mountain roads here in Iceland. In fact, it is one of the highest roads in Iceland (2,158 ft). F894 - A very rough road leading to lake Askja. ), opened its doors in 2009. You can also call +354-522-1100 for the latest information by phone. If you flood the engine of the car, for example, you would have to pay the entire bill, which is not limited to the self-risk amount. This is why we at Happy Campers decided to introduce our own 4x4 camper category, the Happy 4x4, to our fleet in 2019. Next, we need to consider the features of the 4x4 campervan or car. It includes a couple of river-crossings, where one is definitely more challenging than the other. The 38 km route then leads to Klyppsstaðir, a mountain hut thati includes up to 38 sleeping bag spaces. However, these first few days and weeks of reopening are often the most dangerous, so keep that in mind. Let's start with the purpose of the 4x4 rental: You will prioritize different features of the 4x4 depending on why you need a 4x4 in the first place. It’s always a good idea to check www.vedur.is for the weather forecast from the official source of the Icelandic Met Office before you plan to venture into the highlands. This lesser known route is at the bottom of Snæfellsjökull glacier and might actually not be marked with the traditional "F" on location if memory serves us right. cars, 4 wheel drive vehicles, Tough Video: Luc Chalsège. full camping equipments in Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda& Rwanda. When the snow melts in the spring and summer, the F-roads start opening and becoming usable again. It runs from Þjófadalir towards the Hveravellir geothermal pool area. Video: Mini-Cap. Basic camping List || Each company can set their own terms and conditions regarding what is covered and what is not. This route is located just northeast of Langjökull glacier in the western part of the country. Mitsubishi Pajero || Safety features of van (like the ones Happy Campers offers): If you are driving in water - even if it's only a small stream. If you need for winter travel, the campervan's insulation might be more important. Please read this brochure on off-road driving from the Environment Agency of Iceland. F905 - Things can go wrong quickly. How I know this? The road crosses several rivers so be cautious after heavy rain or later in the evenings. They look more like faint tracks and often run through rivers and take you into difficult or dangerous conditions. Even though it's only 25k km long, it is extremely challenging and we do not recommend using it. But this is also a long road (232 kilometers) and there are aspects of it that you can easily explore. This page is for everyone who enjoys 4wding and camping. This is a dangerous passage from Fossdalur to Thingeyri in the Westfjords. Please use caution when exploring this area and make sure to read through our Safety chapter below. Öskjuleið (F88) runs 80 km from the Ring Road from Hrossaborg, past the beautiful Herðubreið mountin and towards Askja lake (see more about lake Askja below). Advanced Car Hire is a premium affordable car rental service centrally based in Namibia's capital, Windhoek. Toyota rentals in Windhoek. 40% of the entire island, the Icelandic highlands are the home to some of the most spectacular attractions in the country. For example, if you want it for extra safety on the ring road, the ability to cross rivers might not be as important. has more than a decade experience of providing 4x4 car hire, kenya car This is a very remote area so please be very prepared with food, fuel, directions, etc. Australia 4wd Rentals, our Australia 4 wheel drive rentals Darwin based staff offer best rates and personal service for 4X4 roof top tent campers, 4wd wagons and 4wd car rentals, off road 4WD campers, campervans and motorhomes rental and hire specialists with locations from Alice Springs, Adelaide, Brisbane, Broome, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in … Are you interested in exploring the Icelandic highlands? Related Links || Video: Marcin Kleszcz. But to sum it up, you need to consider what you need the 4x4 for and what features the car will need to have in order to fit those needs. Therefore, it’s absolutely critical that you don’t travel alone in the highlands unless you are very experienced. This mountain road is located near Lakagígar and can be quite challenging. You can also take this route to get to F902 (see above) on your journey to Kverksfjöll. when you rent a car with us in kenya. Located in the south by the black ash desert of Mælifellssandur, this 40 km route features some amazing landscapes but can be dangerous as it features some river crossings. The road runs parallel to Þórisjökull and Langjökull glaciers, which offers a magnificent view when the weather allows. But as much as you might be looking forward to arriving at your destination, don't forget to enjoy the journey. Make sure to ask your rental agency to explain their terms and options carefully when you arrive at the office or before you book. Rest area. day As F910 leads to Askja, this is a fairly common route to take on your way to that beautiful lake. F261 - A beautiful route along the famous Laugavegur hiking trail. This is Iceland's highest road, reaching 3,097 ft (944 m) of elevation. Ultimately it depends on snow cover and even when the snow is melted, the roads can remain closed while they are very wet and muddy. This 51 km route runs east from Kaldidalur towards Kjalvegur (F35) near the famous Gullfoss waterfall. F249 - Crossing Krossá is not recommended. The majority of this road is fairly easy to drive and beautiful. 4X4 car hire in kenya full of undesputed service. But "with great product comes great responsibility" as the saying goes (did I get that wrong?). Car and campervan rentals in Iceland are required by law to offer a basic third-party liability insurance. Daily parking lot only . Although the rivers crossings are usually modest, do not drive this road in the dark or when water levels are high. Service area without parking. There is actually more than one way to get there. Our service Our car hire company offers 4x4 & Camping vehicles for hire in Namibia. Photo: dangerousroads.org. This list doesn't include the more obvious restrictions, such as when you drive under the influence of alcohol. It's important to realize that the tire tracks your 4x4 camper leaves might take years or decades to disappear. This 17 km winding route runs from the ring road (1) to Jöklaskel glacier base camp. This road is towards the very tip of Snæfellsnes peninsula, ascending from the southern part over to the northern side, just east of Snæfellsjökull glacier. If you're wanting to see the northern lights while in the highlands, this is also the best place for that info. It will also affect your braking distance and your 4x4 campervan's turning capabilities. Once you are off the comfortable pavement of road 752, expect a challenging journey and much slower speeds. You’ll be sleeping under the stars with just you, your camper van, your sleeping bag, and your travel companions. But keep in mind that this can change very fast. This is the only road that is both on our do not recommend list and our favorite list.. Man, that's a long name for a road. Unlimited km/miles. Welcome to QIKAZZ 4x4 & Camping, we hope you enjoy our product range and can find just the right product for your needs, we are a family owned business that had been involved in 4wding and camping for over 15 years, we try and stock practical items that are useful for your everyday camping needs. For this reason, it's importance to understand your insurance options - what is actually insured and what isn't. Campervan 4x4. cars, Kenya Jeep carhire and car rental, So now that you know which roads to avoid, let's look at all the other F-roads that you can happily explore. For the adventurous camper who enjoys 4x4. Here are the most important things to consider: Finally, some of the 4x4 features are related to the rental company itself, including: So as you can see, there are a few things to look at before deciding which 4x4 to rent. Chances are that you have heard of the powerful Dettifoss waterfall. and walk with them in ensuring their satisfaction. We will goes beyond just car rental. Enjoy the scenery like you see in the photo below. Eventually, you will meet up with F752 (see above), which in turn will meet up with the famous Sprengisandsleið (F26). From Borgarfjörður Eystri in the east (highly recommended area to explore), take road 946 south until it turns into F946. rental services, Kenia rent a car, Kenia car hire services, Kenia camping Icelands most affordable car rental - 30-50% cheaper compared to the international car rental companies! 4X4 Self Drive Safaris || F909 - This route is more challenging than it appears. If you total a EUR 25,000 4x4 camper, for example, you only pay 10% of the total damage. Our Internet rating speaks for it self and we want to be the best camper van rental in Iceland. This road was originally made as a powerline service road and gets minimal maintenance. car hire in kenya rates structure are very competitive,with a fleet of This can be quite dangerous, even in a 4x4 camper. To access the highlands you need to use the “F” roads, or the mountain roads. Asco Car Hire is one of the largest 4x4 car rental companies in Namibia and maintains a new fleet of off-road vehicles for camping trips through Namibia and Southern Africa. Always be respectful and stay on the roads. service at 4x4 Kenya Car Hire is personal & of the highest standard," Photo: dangerousroads.org. Jeep Rental - Find the 4x4 (4WD) Vehicle Hire and Rental services for wildlife safari in Southern Africa. The majestic Snæfellsjökull glacier on a beautiful day. such as free mobile phone services at 4x4 Kenya car hire kenya. Getting stuck in a river without any help and no cell phone reception would be a nightmare. They should give you information about the details of this included insurance. We rent a 4x4 for three weeks with a rooftop tent (July 2017) and we were totally satisfied about our rent. Seats for 4 people. The landscape consists of vast volcanic deserts, glaciers, colorful mountains, waterfalls, hot springs and rivers. A lot of people find that the benefits outweigh the cons. Driving around the country via the ring road is the perfect way to explore Iceland. It includes the most extensive and frequently updated information about road conditions, F-road openings, etc. Are you looking for a reliable 4x4 car to rent with a driver/guide or self-drive in Tanzania?Look no further, 4x4 Tanzania offers a wide variety of reliable and well maintained 4x4 rental cars in Arusha, Dodoma, Moshi, Mwanza, Morogoro, Tanga, Zanzibar, Kigoma, Tabora, Lindi and Dar-es … Landrover Defender 110 || Most people get there from the east side, taking road 864. to ensure a happy, trouble-free automobile service. But as amazing as the ring road is, Iceland has a lot more to offer, especially for the more adventurous travelers. Do you want to know more about what kind of 4x4 cars you should be driving and where, exactly, you can and cannot drive in a 4×4 car? Paying motorhome area. Camper rental in Iceland is the perfect way to visit our massive glaciers, careening waterfalls, steamy hot springs, and fiery volcanoes.